The European Physical Journal Applied Physics

Physics of Energy Transfer, Conversion and Storage

Effects of dispersion on electromagnetic parameters of tape-helix Blumlein pulse forming line of accelerator

Y. Zhanga1 c1, J.L. Liua1 and J.H. Fenga1

a1 College of Opto-electronic Science and Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073, P.R. China


In this paper, the tape-helix model is firstly introduced in the field of intense electron beam accelerator to analyze the dispersion effects on the electromagnetic parameters of helical Blumlein pulse forming line (PFL). Work band and dispersion relation of the PFL are analyzed, and the normalized coefficients of spatial harmonics are calculated. Dispersion effects on the important electromagnetic parameters of PFL, such as phase velocity, slow-wave coefficient, electric length and pulse duration, are analyzed as the central topic. In the PFL, electromagnetic waves with different frequencies in the work band of PFL have almost the same phase velocity. When de-ionized water, transformer oil and air are used as the PFL filling dielectric, respectively, the pulse duration of the helical Blumlein PFL is calculated as 479.6 ns, 81.1 ns and 53.1 ns in order. Electromagnetic wave simulation and experiments are carried out to demonstrate the theoretical calculations of the electric length and pulse duration which directly describe the phase velocity and dispersion of the PFL. Simulation results prove the theoretical analysis and calculation on pulse duration. Experiment is carried out based on the tape-helix Blumlein PFL and magnetic switch system. Experimental results show that the pulse durations are tested as 460 ns, 79 ns and 49 ns in order when de-ionized water, transformer oil and air are used respectively. Experimental results basically demonstrate the theoretical calculations and the analyses of dispersion.

(Received September 29 2011)

(Revised January 04 2012)

(Accepted January 06 2012)

(Online publication February 23 2012)


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