The European Physical Journal Applied Physics

Research Article

Numerical study of bandwidth of radar absorbers

K. N. Rozanova1 and S. N. Starostenkoa1

Scientific Center for Applied Problems in Electrodynamics (SCAPE), Russian Academy of Sciences, 13/19 Izhorskaya ul., Moscow 127412, Russia


A numerical study is made of the bandwidth to thickness ratio of radar absorbers for the suppression of normally incident waves. The study deals with single- and multi-layer dielectric absorbers, in which the frequency dispersion of the permittivity is allowed for. Analysis of the results permits obtaining a simple empirical relationship between thickness, bandwidth, and reflectance level of some specific kinds of absorbers. Essential features of different designs of dielectric radar absorbers are revealed and discussed.

(Received February 15 1999)

(Revised July 7 1999)

(Accepted September 14 1999)

(Online publication September 15 1999)


  • 78.20.Ci – Optical constants (including refractive index, complex dielectric constant, absorption, reflection and transmission coefficients, emissivity);
  • 78.66.Sq – Composite materials;
  • 78.70.-g – Interactions of particles and radiation with matter