The European Physical Journal Applied Physics

Organic Materials and Devices

Analysis and modeling of the self-heating effect in SiGe HBTs

H. Mnifa1, Th. Zimmera1, J. L. Battagliaa2 and S. Fregonesea1

Laboratoire de Microélectronique IXL, UMR 5818, University of Bordeaux I, 33405 Talence, France

LEPT – ENSAM, Esplanade des Arts et Métiers, 33405 Talence, France


This paper investigates the self-heating effect in SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors. A physical study leads to a nonlinear physical model describing static and dynamic self-heating mechanism. The implementation of this model using an electrical equivalent circuit is presented. Our approach is validated using measurements on devices from different technologies. System configuration, measurement, and calibration issues are presented.

(Received April 2 2003)

(Revised July 23 2003)

(Accepted July 31 2003)

(Online publication October 13 2003)


  • 85.30.De – Semiconductor-device characterization, design, and modeling;
  • 85.30.Pq – Bipolar transistors