The European Physical Journal Applied Physics

Review Article

Scattering of low coherence radiation and applications

G. Popescua1 and A. Dogariua2

G.R. Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816, USA


In an effort to understand complex scattering phenomena, characteristics of optical waves such as polarization, angular spectrum, and temporal coherence have been extensively studied. In this article we will review several applications where the coherence properties of broad-band radiation offer unique sensing and diagnostic capabilities.

(Received March 30 2005)

(Revised September 12 2005)

(Accepted October 6 2005)

(Online publication December 13 2005)


  • 42.25.-p – Wave optics;
  • 42.25.Kb – Coherence;
  • 42.25.Dd – Wave propagation in random media;
  • 42.25.Hz – Interference