The European Physical Journal Applied Physics

Reliability in Electromagnetic Systems (IET)

Instrumentation and Metrology

Characterisation of the EM disturbances affecting the safety of the railway communication systems*

V. Deniaua1, N. Ben Slimena1, S. Baranowskia2, H. Ouaddia1, J. Rioulta1 and N. Dubalena3

INRETS-LEOST, 20 rue Elisée Reclus, 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq, France

IEMN-TELICE, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France

SNCF, IG.LE, 9 Quai de Seine, 93584 Saint-Ouen Cedex, France


To insure interoperability of transeuropean trains, new transmission systems (GSMR, Eurobalise) are developed in order to permit communications between trains and control centres. These systems have to be available and safe from an electromagnetic point of view, but the normalized methods to characterize electromagnetic noise in the railway environment are not convenient for these applications. This paper presents new experimental methods to characterize the electromagnetic noise on board trains which are studied in the framework of the European project “Railcom”. The results of measurements realized both in time and in frequency domains, are analysed and certain conclusions can be used as a first step to define a new standard for the considered systems.

(Received June 27 2007)

(Accepted February 22 2008)

(Online publication April 23 2008)


  • 89.20.Bb – Industrial and technological research and development;
  • 89.40.Bb – Land transportation


*  This article has been submitted as part of “IET – Colloquium on Reliability in Electromagnetic Systems”, 24 and 25 May 2007, Paris