Genetical Research

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A semi-automatic technique for conducting many bacterial matings concurrently*

Mark Achtmana1 p1

a1 Department of Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley


A technique using microserological equipment is described whereby up to 144 quantitative interrupted bacterial matings may be performed concurrently. The technique is easy to use, accurate and reproducible, and eliminates the need for agar plates. However, it is only suitable for 40–42 °C matings and mating efficiency is approximately threefold lower than in test tubes.

(Received February 10 1971)


p1 Present address: MRC Molecular Genetics Unit, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


* This research was partly supported by Public Health Service research grant AIO 5371 from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The author was partly supported at Berkeley by a Quebec Postgraduate Scholarship and was supported at Edinburgh by a Canadian Medical Research Council Fellowship.